#74 A Digital Strategy For Outsmarting Your Competitors with Sarah Jane Vincent

Navigating the digital strategy landscape can be a bit overwhelming. Questions like which social media platforms to choose, how often to post, and whether to shell out for Google ads can make your head spin. This week’s guest suggest an alternative starting point. Join us for a conversation with award-winning SEO expert and digital strategist, Sarah Jane Vincent. 

Sarah Jane shares her expertise on the critical role of SEO and how larger brands are gravitating towards it for a lasting impact. She takes us through her professional journey and highlights the trials she encountered during the pandemic. Hear more about how understanding a client's long-term objectives is pivotal to sketching an effective digital marketing blueprint.

Sarah Jane provides insightful strategies such as blogging, email marketing, and utilizing platforms like YouTube to drive traffic towards your website. We delve into the significance of keywords and the magic of long-tail keywords in enhancing your visibility in search engine results. Moreover, we uncover the comparison between SEO and ads, underlining that while ads may boost SEO efforts, they don't guarantee the same long-term benefits. Above all, we highlight how SEO can help build trust with potential customers. 

Find out how you can leverage various channels like YouTube and Pinterest to attract customers. We also venture into the upcoming trends for 2024. 

Ready to take your SEO game up a notch? 

Key points throughout include:  

  • Digital Entrepreneurship and Burnout Awareness
  • Why Niching Down is a Gamechanger
  • Choosing Keywords for Service-Based Businesses
  • Recommended SEO Tools for Beginners
  • Why Your Website is Everything
  • Exploring Online Platforms for Business Growth
  • SEO and Content Repurposing for Visibility 

“That's what's going to help you outrank your competitors online. That's what's going to be the difference between you coming up appearing in a search and getting the clicks and the sales, versus somebody else down the line who is just trying to cheat the system." - Sarah Jane Vincent


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