#75 Six Steps to Master Your Social Media Strategy with Louise McDonnell

Get ready to unlock the secrets of a dynamite social media strategy with award-winning strategist Louise McDonnell. Prepare to expand your digital horizons as Louise shares practical and easily applicable tactics guaranteed to elevate your business.

In this episode, Louise delves into her inspiring career journey and navigates through the complexities of male-dominated industries, shedding light on the challenges of being underestimated and overlooked. Louise also unveils the core components of a highly effective digital strategy. With Louise's six-step approach, we explore the importance of understanding your target audience, setting clear business goals, and constantly revising them. This episode is your roadmap to success in the digital world. So, dive right in and get ready to supercharge your digital strategy. Key points throughout include:  

  • Falling in love with service marketing and unlocking the thrill of challenges 
  • Working in a male-dominated industry and finding self-confidence when being underestimated 
  • The value of training with your Local Enterprise Office 
  • Navigating through uncertain times and coping with the surprise of redundancy 
  • Creating and delivering a successful Facebook training course
  • Follow the data: The importance of regularly reviewing and updating your digital strategy
  • Your six-step approach to mastering a digital strategy 
  • How to save time and get more leads 


AI-Powered Social Media: How to Save Time & More Leads: 



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"If you're using the same messaging, the same tactics that you were using this time last year, forget about it! The basic steps of creating a strategy don't change, but the strategy changes." – Louise McDonnell.

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