#81 The Future of Shopping: AI Tailored Skincare Solutions with Fatima Awan

Imagine having a personal skincare consultant in the palm of your hand; that's the reality Fatima Awan brings to life. Fatima is the innovative mind behind Finiite AI. Our enlightening discussion traverses the landscape of digital marketing and e-commerce, where Finite AI's deep learning API is making waves by providing personalized product recommendations to consumers. With a focus on how brands can enhance customer loyalty and engagement, we uncover the potential for e-commerce platforms and retailers to become data-rich powerhouses through the use of AI, driving smarter marketing decisions and improved sales conversion rates.

The journey of entrepreneurship is fraught with challenge and triumph, as vividly shared by Fatima in our conversation about the path of Finiite AI. From a consumer app to a robust B2B platform, the evolution of Finite AI showcases the adaptability and vision required for success in the startup world. We wrap up with Fatima's reflections on the future of AI and the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels innovation, leaving listeners with a sense of the boundless possibilities AI holds. For more on Finite AI's impact and Fatima's entrepreneurial lessons, tune in and be inspired by the transformative power of technology in business.. Key points throughout include:  

  • Learn how AI is being used for personalized skincare with unique product recommendations.
  • Discover how Finiite AI's deep learning API revolutionizes digital marketing and e-commerce with powerful customer insights.
  • How Finite AI uses computer vision to interpret skin types from images for better online shopping experiences.
  • Fatima Awan's journey from a consumer app to a dynamic B2B platform with Finite AI.
  • The future of AI in business and innovation opportunities.
  • How AI enhances B2B relationships and digital marketing with personalized solutions.
  • Inspirational entrepreneurial lessons from Finite AI's founder and the new standards being set in the AI and beauty industry.

"These giant companies, they have the resources to be able to do that, but entrepreneurs with budding ideas that are going into the business world, how are they able to tap into these technologies? I think that's where companies like us come into play, so that they can also take advantage of it." - Fatima Awan, Founder of Finiite AI



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