#82 How Self-Love Can Turn Our Darkest Moments into Opportunities with Rosemary Daynes Kearney

Embrace the transformative power of aligning personal purpose with business as we unfold the story of Rosemary Daynes Kearney, award winning businesswoman and founder of The Care Advocate. Rosemary's resilience and commitment to making care valued and visible in the world is at the heart of our discourse, offering insights and inspiration for anyone seeking to weave their past experiences into meaningful entrepreneurial endeavors.

Rosemary's candid accounts of her personal and professional pivots, including facing redundancy and stepping boldly into entrepreneurship, underscore the importance of adaptability and the entrepreneurial spirit. We highlight the vital importance of collective care and the strength that emerges from community support. By sharing her vision for the Care Advocate, she calls for systemic change that supports healthcare workers, family carers, and the creation of caring workplaces. This episode is not just an exploration of personal transformation, but a call to action for society at large, urging us to affirm the power of care in every facet of life.Key points throughout include:  

  • Uncover Rosemaryā€™s journey from aspiring missionary to founder of Care Advocate.
  • Follow her personal and professional shifts, including challenges in psychology, international development, and her passion for self-improvement.
  • Learn how redundancy prompted her identity shift and led to her entrepreneurial venture focused on data protection and safeguarding the vulnerable.
  • Understand the 'care advocate' concept and how Rosemary's experiences shaped a business advocating for caregivers and systemic change.
  • Explore the role of self-care in business and personal life, with emphasis on financial security, fighting burnout, and the value of financial worth.
  • Grasp the message of collective care and the power of community support, as emphasized by Rosemary.
  • Get inspired by the vision of infusing care into policies, services, products, and rethinking workplace structures to support caregivers and well-being.

"Embracing life's pivots with a heart full of care can transform our darkest moments into opportunities for profound growth and self-realization." - Rosemary Daynes Kearney



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