#84 Empowering Women's Wellness and Shattering Taboos With Michelle Hone and Sarah Kelly

This week, get ready to discover the innovation and resilience that's changing the face of female wellness. Michelle Hone and Sarah Kelly, scientists turned entrepreneurs, delve into the intricacies of women's health through their innovative supplement brand, Herology. Michelle and Sarah's journey from the corridors of academia to the competitive wellness industry is a tale of breaking barriers and forging new paths for female well-being. 

This episode unfolds the duo's tenacity in confronting the societal taboos around women's health and the critical yet often ignored menstrual cycle. Kelly and Michelle's story is a beacon of inspiration for female-led businesses and those passionate about women's empowerment and health. They share their trials and triumphs in launching businesses amidst uncertainty, emphasising the importance of maintaining product integrity against industry resistance. Hit play now to hear this inspiring journey of scientific innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Key points throughout include:  

  • Turning passions and dreams into a thriving business 
  • Closing the gender gap: Advancing inclusivity in medical research 
  • The lack of information on women's health
  • How women's menstrual cycles shape daily life
  • The rise of Herology: The challenges and triumphs of starting a women's health brand
  • Launch Success: Prioritising product investment over marketing spend
  • How chasing perfection can cost you time and opportunities

"How are we not teaching this in schools? How are we not teaching the different kinds of phases of our menstrual cycle where sometimes we feel really good and energetic, and sometimes we might feel quite low and quite moody and quite anxious? These are the things that women need to understand." – Sarah Kelly.

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