#87 Marketing Redefined For A Modern Audience with Fab Giovanetti

Discover the heartbeat of modern marketing as we're joined by Fab Giovanetti, chief Marketing Rebel at Alt Marketing School, who brings a breath of fresh air to the conversation on ethical and human-centric marketing strategies. 

“The biggest recurring sentence that our students would say was oh marketing always gave me the ick. And I just said I don't want myself or my clients or my work, for other people to perceive it in a way that feels icky, that feels sticky and it always jumped out at me.” – Fab Giovanetti

Together, we unravel the magic of connecting authentically with your audience, challenging old-school, pushy tactics with a blend of fun, impact, and heartfelt communication. Fab shares her revolutionary take on learning and marketing, urging us to embrace transparency and align our business values with the right audience, proving that integrity and success are not mutually exclusive. Key points throughout include:  

  • Why some marketing gives young people “the ick”
  • The benefits of marketing through authenticity, honesty and having fun
  • Why traditional marketing methods no longer work
  • How to create relationships with customers through your online presence 
  • The journey of Alt Marketing School
  • Embracing curiosity in business growth 
  • Why experimentation is key to marketing and business

Shift your perspective as we analyze how generational changes led by Millennials and Gen Z are demanding a rewrite of the marketing playbook. Businesses are now tasked with upholding genuine values – truth, transparency, and inclusivity – to resonate with a discerning consumer base that sees right through hollow branding efforts. We celebrate those at the forefront of accessibility in marketing while cautioning against the temptations of performative actions that could backfire spectacularly.

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