#89 Revolutionising Female Voices with Sonya Lennon

Fashion industry powerhouse and recently crowned VIP Favourite Irish Designer 2024, Sonya Lennon, joins Finola this week to discuss the power of self-representation, amplifying your voice, and owning your identity. Sonya peels back the layers of her fascinating career, from her days of high-fashion styling to becoming an adored television presenter and visionary social entrepreneur. She openly shares her experience of making bold moves, revealing the courageous choices that skyrocketed her career, emphasises the necessity of female empowerment, and addresses pressing societal challenges.

Together, Sonya and Finola explore the self-imposed barriers holding us back and the importance of reshaping our narratives to achieve personal and collective transformation. Sonya also discusses the imperative for human-centric leadership, as epitomised by Lift Ireland's initiative that has already touched the lives of 100,000 individuals. Additionally, she delves into the richness of language and the impact of storytelling on culture, advocating for the integration of feminine energy and respect for the Earth to restore much-needed balance. This episode, centred on fashion, empowerment, and social responsibility, is bound to inspire and light a fire in your heart, so go ahead and hit play now. Key points throughout include:

  • Taking a leap: Embracing change to discover new opportunities
  • Breaking free from assumptions and letting go of self-imposed limits
  • Shaping our reality through mindful narratives
  • The balance between data and creativity 
  • Leveraging influence for good: Making a meaningful impact
  • Empowering women: Finding our voice and recognising our brilliance
  • Harnessing female leadership for societal and environmental change
  • The positive impact of Lift Ireland on leadership and values
  • The juggle of parenthood: Balancing busy lives and building respectful relationships
  • The importance of inclusivity and representation in creating meaningful change
  • Re-writing narratives: A challenge to uncover and transform your subconscious stories

"Male power isn't working. It's just not working. If we want to save our societies and our planet, we need to get the women around the table with the men working together to create new solutions." – Sonya Lennon. 






Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser



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