#90 Small Guiding Lights: The Path to a Fulfilling and Evolving Life with Clare McKenna

Get ready to discover the magic that happens when you trade relentless ambition for intuitive joy. This week, Finola sits down with Clare McKenna, radio presenter, podcaster, and integrative health coach, who shares her transformative journey from marketing boardrooms to broadcasting and creating a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Clare reveals how she has navigated the challenges of her career, found contentment, and is now empowering others to do the same.

Clare also addresses societal body standards and the often toxic diet and fitness culture. She candidly discusses her own struggles and revelations, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based practices and emotional nourishment.

Don't miss out on Clare's empowering advice and practical tips for cultivating a healthier relationship with food, fitness, and self-compassion. Tune in now to discover how small guiding lights can lead you to a fulfilling and evolving life.

Key points throughout include:

  • Finding Independence: Embracing solitude and shaping one's identity
  • Self-discovery check in's: The importance of navigating what you truly want
  • Celebrating achievements, shifting energies and the goal of contentment - Empowering wellness and moving beyond one-size-fits-all health advice
  • The importance of educating yourself about diet changes
  • The psychology of motivation and the power of small steps
  • Trusting intentions and messages to grow naturally
  • Irish women's self-esteem and challenging societal norms for women to 'stay small'
  • Becoming a part of change: How everyone can make a difference


"I want to empower people. Everybody is different. And we don't often get that from the health message; we get a kind of blanket that is one size fits all: eat less, move more, and get on with it. And that's not the reality." – Clare McKenna.


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