#91 Taking Responsibility for Your Own Happiness with Sinead Kennedy

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the relentless pursuit of societal expectations, only to discover that it leads to a life misaligned with your true self? Our guest, author, speaker, and health and wellness coach, Sinead Kennedy, knows this all too well.

Join us as Sinead shares her transformative story: her struggle with mental health, which culminated in a stay at a psychiatric hospital —a pivotal moment in her journey toward self-acceptance. Sinead unpacks how she redefined her life by setting boundaries, conducting life audits, and embracing her authentic self. She reflects on the consequences of an unhappy relationship with yourself and explores how you can rediscover happiness through boundary-setting, self-kindness and connecting with nature. Get ready to reclaim your true self!

Key points throughout include:

  • Struggling with misalignment: A journey of disconnection and rediscovery
  • Breaking free from societal expectations and finding happiness through self-acceptance
  • The rising addiction of synthetic highs
  • Life Audits: Finding answers through honest self-reflection
  • The importance of being kind to your thoughts
  • Discovering happiness and soul alignment through flying solo and travelling
  • Setting boundaries and learning to say 'no' without guilt
  • A reminder that your best friend is YOU!

"Happiness doesn't come from having a Mercedes. Happiness comes from being able to get up every morning. Being proud of what you're doing, knowing that what you're doing is making a difference to yourself and somebody else. And being able to look at yourself in the mirror every day and say, you're doing great, you've got this."Sinead Kennedy.

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