#92 Why is Dinosaur Leadership Still So Common in 2024? with Kate Rooney

What is going on with leadership right now? Will we ever bid farewell to one-dimensional, dinosaur-style leadership? Joining Finola this week is Kate Rooney, an excellent leadership coach from The OnLegs Agency, to discuss the persistent challenges of modern corporate leadership. Kate brings a wealth of knowledge from her early retail management days when she prioritised team dynamics over hitting KPIs.

Together, Kate and Finola unpack the significance of vulnerability, navigate power dynamics in leadership, and explore the magical ripple effect that can happen when supportive environments are created. They also delve into transforming teams through honest conversations and establishing trust through transparency. Leaders, it's time to remove the masks and lead with heart and authenticity. Key points throughout include: 

  • The leap from leadership roles to confidently going solo
  • Why you should make no assumptions about leadership
  • The lack of understanding and practice of emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Tackling the fear of exposure in leadership
  • How to invite leaders into meetings without compromising psychological safety
  • Elevating energy: The power of vulnerability in tough conversations
  • The contradiction of vulnerability VS. weakness
  • Leadership gaps: The impact of poor mentorship
  • The dangerous rise of unaccredited coaches in a saturated coaching market

"I would love leaders to take off the mask, go into the room and accept that you don't know everything. How could you? It's too big an ask, ask the questions that you're frightened of asking and ask the questions that you don't know the answers to, and see what comes up." – Kate Rooney.

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