#88 The Ultimate Funnel Template to Recruit New Customers in 2024

The Ultimate Funnel Template to Recruit New Customers in 2024

Get ready to bid farewell to marketing strategy overwhelm! This week, Finola unveils her proven blueprint, a step-by-step guide to the ultimate sales and marketing funnel you need. Together, you'll ditch the confusion and embrace an approach that hits the bullseye for entrepreneurs, turning your customers into champions.

In this episode, Finola strips the AIDA model down to its core, revealing a pathway that ensures your business isn't just seen but chosen. As Finola dissects each conversion point, you'll learn how to create a seamless journey tailored for one customer, one product at a time. No more generic strategies; it's time for clear, actionable steps that lead to a devoted customer base and brighter business days ahead. Ready to convert connections into loyal customers? Hit play now and unlock your blueprint to success! Key points throughout include:  

  • Finola's Proven Blueprint: A step by step approach to building a sales and marketing funnel
  • The five stages of a sales and marketing funnel
  • The importance of understanding each stage as a key conversion point in your funnel
  • Achieving the flywheel effect through your funnel
  • The value of understanding customer pain points
  • Mastering the crucial moment of smoothing the path to purchase
  • What's working, what's not: Unveiling friction points to seize untapped opportunities

"A sales and marketing funnel is a way to look at your marketing in a more connected way. It is, in effect, your marketing strategy in action. It's the how to the why of your strategy." – Finola Howard.



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