#54 Get Up Close and Personal With The People You Serve with Finola Howard

How well do you know your customers? Have you spent time leaning in and listening to yours? Did you stop at demographics or did you go deeper? That’s where the magic lies.. this deeper insight into who your customers are and how they feel.  Too often customers are kept at an arms length when the reality is the closer they are the greater your business can be. 

Tune in to hear Finola talk about passionately about customers and hear her librarian story as a way to understand what’s truly needed to really profile your customers.  Further key points throughout include:  

    • It’s not enough to do the demographics but you can start there once you commit to digging deeper. 
    • If you stay on the surface – your results will stay on the surface. 
    • The Real Insights Come when you tap into how they feel, what causes them pain, what brings them relief or even joy
    • Put a Coaching Hat On and dig under the problems they face to understand them. 


  • You get to meet The Real Marie – one of Finola’s favourite customers! – you get to hear The Real Marie’s language, concerns, pains, anxieties, hopes and dreams. 


"When your customers know you really see them, you’ll build a relationship that can transform both of you" – Finola Howard.



Check out Finola’s Signature Program – Guided by Get Strategic if you’d like to dig deeper into unlocking your relationship with your customers and your marketing.  


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