#49 Unlock Your Business Growth With Positioning Strategy with Finola Howard

Welcome to the second of a three part special where we join Finola Howard, as she explores how an effective positioning strategy can level up your business and unlock powerful growth.

Defining your Positioning strategy is a crucial aspect of building a brand, as it sets a company apart from its competitors and establishes an identity in the market.

Effective positioning is based on a deep understanding of the target audience, their needs, and preferences, as well as the competitive landscape. By establishing a unique selling point and emphasizing the brand's differentiators, businesses can resonate with their ideal customers and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

According to Finola, it's important to understand that positioning is not solely about what a company does or how it operates; it's about the perceptions customers have and how they view the brand's particular place in the market.

A strong positioning strategy helps you craft a memorable, engaging, and unique brand story, can effectively entice your target audience and command a strong presence within your chosen market segment. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Why building an effective positioning strategy helps you level up your business.
  • How Positioning Helps You Find The Difference That Matters To Your Customers.
  • How Positioning ensures that your marketing tactics result in your customers taking action with you and not with anyone else. 
  • What are the 10 Steps To Building an Effective Positioning Strategy
  • How a poorly positioned product or service will never reach it’s potential no matter how well it’s marketed. 

Positioning is the defining characteristic of a brand that shows why it's better than its competitors. - Finola Howard 

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