#51 What Got You Here Won't Take You There with Finola Howard

Has your business stayed at the same level for a while? Do you want to know what it takes to go to the next level? In this weeks final episode of the three part series Finola shares the 10 Key Objectives that you need to address in order to create space for more in your business. 

Tune in to hear Finola address key objectives around Finances, Brand, Customers, Product, Systems, Team Building, Digital, Sustainability, New Opportunities and Growing You.  Further key points throughout include:  

  • Businesses often get stuck at a certain stage. 
  • At each point of growth, something fundamental has to shift in the business.
  • 10 Key Movable Objectives You need to Address Every Year. 
  • Your Objectives have to be movable because they have to evolve at each point. 
  • It is YOU who will need to make the biggest shift in order to scale the business. 

"If you don’t grow. Your business won’t grow. So what’s your plan for growing YOU?" – Finola Howard.


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